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Have you got your own models or 3D drawing and you want to actulise them in physical form? Industrial prototyping is costly. 3D printing is the best alternative. Available in Malaysia now!

For designs or prototypes, an idea stays pretty abstract until you make it real.

It may be engineering parts which you design, or it may be a game or cartoon character which you have done in CG. Make it out so it will not stay in computer file or on a piece of paper.


3D Printing Technologies

3d model bookshelf

Wonder how everything is made possible? Thanks to 3D printers which make minifacturing possible without moulding procesing.

Now prototypes can be economically made by direct 3D printings.


3D Modeling Applications

3d model mini extruder by OpenSCAD

Do you think 3D modeling can only be conducted in very expensive design software? It is no longer the case. Thanks to open-source and freewares.

Some are just as powerful and versatile as design applications which cost a bomb.


Frequently Asked Questions

3d model mozaic table by SketchUp

Have some queries? Here we list out some of the most frequently asked questions. Maybe you can find answers from us easily.



We are a bunch of professionals from enterprise-level business printing solutions and technology industries.

We help our customers make their ideas come in physical forms.

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